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We love our job! What could be better than encouraging children to work with beautiful quality mediums and teaching them exciting art techniques they can use to produce clever works they will be chuffed to bring home?!

We have a dynamic and constantly evolving approach to teaching that is not restrained by tradition. In addition to the fine arts, our lessons give children access to ancient and cutting edge techniques and opportunities to explore and invent. The art techniques we draw on include:

  • Print making (mono-type, silk screen, relief),
  • Sculpture (ceramics, mould making, beeswax modelling),
  • Drawing (Cartooning and illustration, Scratchboard, Scraffito, Still Life, Portraits, Calligraphy)
  • Painting (Indigenous Techniques, Grafitti, Pop Art, Water colours, Mask making)
  • Mosaics
  • Textiles (Weaving, Basket Making, Shibori Dying, Batiks)
  • Paper (Papier Maché, Collagé, Origami, Indonesian shadow puppets)
Our lessons often involve mixed media and techniques involving recycled materials. We incorporate diverse and interesting mediums into our classes including: acrylic, gauche, charcoal, grout, oil and chalk pastels, chalk, water colours, tiles, textas, pencils, reeds and grasses and bark.

Literature is often the centre-point for providing inspiration. We use art history to introduce techniques used by the Old Masters, such as Klimt, Modigliani, Picasso and Monet, and discuss the vision of new world artists like Banksy